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What is “On-line version of E-Black dog software"?


Online version of E-Black Dog software" works through internet only.
There is no physical installation of software in any of customer’s computers. The software is installed exclusively for our customers in our USA cloud servers. This is web based software. This software useful for those companies who have multiple branches. They can manage the multiple branches from head office and have control over all their branches. Online version of eblackdog software" can be used from anywhere /anytime (home /office/airport) as per convenience of

Do you have Offline version of E-Black Dog software?


No we do not have a software that can work offline without internet.
As we are unable to give support in distant locations immediately.


We are far away from your office in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India how you will give service to us if we buy “online version of E-Black Dog software?


Distance is not a problem for us, all that you need is a fairly good broadband internet connection. We are already providing this service to our customers who are located much far away from us and most of them we have never seen. So the service part of it will never be a
problem for you.


How will you give training for our staff to use the software.


We are providing this training for specific number of hours online meeting. Many of our customers are
trained like that; this will not be a problem in our experience.

What if we need “On Spot Training” at our office.


Sure we can send our staff to your office and train your staff. On request we shall inform you the cost of the same. We will be ready to send after the covid 19 is controlled. thanks for your patience.


There seems to be 10 plans in your plans list. Some features we require are in different plans. How can we select those features.?


Most of the features you may need are in plan 101 itself. 99% features will be covered in that. Still some specific features that are pre-selected , prefixed from other plans, you can select . All these are provided at no extra cost for now until "offer date".
moreover for the multiple user license customers , apart from 101 plan they can also select "110 Great dane plan" together and plus

Should I pay the Yearly subscription every year?

answer:-Yes, to ensure you use the software uninterrupted 24/7 we have to pay for the infrastructure, support team and keep updating it for the new technology.

What do you mean by "1 user license"?


"1 user license" means one staff, one person, at a time can log into the eblackdog software and manage /enter data/ take print and use the software at a time. The is the basic plan. If customers need more staff to use the software (in case there are more employees to be
managed, they can purchase more "user license".

What do you mean by "multi user license"?


Mutli-user License is that is for those who are having multiple branches, in various states , and multiple people working on the software, then you need multiple user license.

I am living out of India, can I buy and use this software?


The country you live is not a problem, distance is not a problem, and all that we need is a fairly good internet connection with good speed
at least a broadband.

What is your turnaround time for “Support Requests".


A) Mostly if it’s a day time, and working hours, IST (Indian Standard time), we respond within 2 hours. In all other cases its 24 hours time.

12)question:- Is E-Black Dog software mobile friendly?


Yes – its mobile friendly to any mobile you have. But its not a "Mobile app"


Can we manage multiple branches using Eblackdog software?


Yes – you can. Just request for the number of additional branches you may need. You will be able to login into HO and view all the additional branches.


Please can you confirm what is classed as a "USER" in the system?


a user license in simple terms is that " Its a login and password given to "one employee of the customer to legally Log and use any of the 9 modules of eblackdog.com .

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