Terms of Services - Eblackdog.com

The offer date PRICES AND TERMS are valid till 10th October 2019

Section 1:-The modules/ facilities of www.eblackdog.com - security guard management software.

  • 1. employee module -for employee registration
  • 2. Customers module -for customer registration
  • 3. Employee Allocation module
  • 4. Leave management module
  • 5. Billing module
  • 6. Payroll Module
  • 7. Reports Module
  • 8. Admin module
  • 9. Basic -single billing format

Section 2:- About Software:-

  • 1. This software is web based /mobile compatible/ cloud bassed software which will work thro internet only , so that you can view your software reports from anywhere any time.
  • 2. The training will be provided over phone, internet, chat , email In case you need our staff to come to your location and provide training, that can be done at extra cost
  • 3. Kindly allocate one staff from your side who knows English for this train-ing to learn from us and train others at your office.

Section 3:- License information:-

1. Plan name:- EBD - Common basic plan 101 plan.

  • a. Plus any one of the following plan is provided as basic offer for all customers. So customers can select any of the following plan accord-ing to their type of operations.
  • b. EBD - Common basic plan 101
  • c. EBD - Dobber Man 102
  • d. EBD - Golden Retriever 103
  • e. EBD - Labrador 104
  • f. EBD - Rottweiler 105
  • g. EBD - Boxer 106
  • h. EBD - German Sheperd 107
  • i. EBD - Pug 108
  • j. EBD - Dalmatian 109
  • k. EBD - The Great Dane Plan 110Eblackdog

2. Server License -Nissi server License (Software works from Nissi server only)

3. HO -1

4. Branch License - (as selected by the customer - in payment gateway- which will be recorded in the "contract"

5. User license - (as selected by the customer - in payment gateway- which will be re-corded in the "contract"

6. Admin user-(based on the number of branch licenses- 1 admin for each branch)

7. Employee Management capacity(EMC):- 500 for every user license

8. Number of modules requested - 9

Section 4:- Eblackdog -Version details:-

  • 1. Software version: Eblackdog -ver-4
  • 2. Web based version-Cloud-Online software
  • 3. compatible to mobile & Tablets (not a mobile app)
  • 4. Can be accessed via internet from anywhere anytime

Section 5:- Quotation:-

Section 5 a:- Modules included

  • 1. employee module -for employee registration
  • 2. Customers module -for customer registration
  • 3. Employee Allocation module
  • 4. Leave management module
  • 5. Billing module
  • 6. Payroll Module
  • 7. Reports Module
  • 8. Admin module
  • 9. Basic - single billing format

Section 5 b:-

User License/Branch License module charges:-

  • 1. Online User License= (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)
  • 2. HO/Branch license - (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)
  • 3. Employee Management capacity (emc) (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)
  • 4. Admin user = (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)
  • 5. Cost of user license of 9 payroll related modules:- (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)
  • 6. Monthly user license charges-payroll (MULC) (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)
  • Total "Monthly user license charges"(MULC) payable every month (as confirmed by the eblackdog contract)

Section 5 c:-

Section 5 c:- Monthly charges section :- (for training and customisation of software- payable until the training and customisation has been completed to the full satisfaction of customer. Customer can stop this anytime after 1 month or extend for any number of months if there is a need. When the support & customization need is reducing gradualy customers can reduce and pay for ,10,5 hours of support gradually @Rs.350 per hour )

1 ) “Nissi campus and @site implementation staff” 25 hrs/pm Rs. 8750/-
2)“ nissi customization staff” - 25 hrs/pm Monthly implementation and customization charges payable every month (excluding gst) Rs. 8750/-
Total monthly charges payable :- Rs. 17,500/-
Grand total (Monthly license + monthly charges)= (as confirmed by the eblackdog con-tract

Section 5 d:-

  • 1. The "EBD - Great Dane Plan - 110" comes combined with "EBD - Common basic plan 101"
  • 2. In this proposal the above plan is given on "monthly user license plan ("MULP")
  • 3. "MULP" has to be paid online through Nissi's payment gateway.
  • 4. All the monthly user license plan charges will be auto debited to "Indian customer" account exactly 30 days from the date of first payment every month.

Section 5 e:-

  • (optional) :- "Indian customer" who opt to pay for the full year will be given 1 month discount during the offer period (if paid before the offer date). This should be paid directly via NEFT to Nissi bank.

Section 6:- Terms for Eblackdog - Nissi server License:-

  • 1. The "The offer date" is given for specifications requested by customer com-bined with user license and the branches and valid upto "The offer date" only. If "Indian customer" does not opt for all same specifications, or if the payment is not done before the offer date , there after the "without offer pricing" prevailing will be sent.

  • 2. The software "user license subscription charges" will be provided subject to terms of "order agreement and maintenance contract detailed in this proposal and more elaborately in the "admin login area" of eblackdog software which when logged and software used will be deemed as "agreement signed".

  • 3. additionally "customer" can request for a printed agreement for signature for their records.

  • 4. Delivery of software license logins will be as follows:-
    • a. eblackdog license will be sent within 15 days from the date of payment
    • b. Eblackdog implementation & Training agenda will be sent within 24 hours from the date of payment
  • 5. Payment terms:-

  • 6. 100% advance on or before "The offer date"

  • 7. Monthly user license charges (MULC) are being paid by "Indian customer" only as "subscription charges" to log into online software and use the software until such time the "Indian customer" want to use the software and are paying the "subscrip-tion charges" for "Eblackdog - "prudence monthly" user license plan ("MULC").

  • 8. "The offer date" means the usual initial discount charges extended by Nissi to all "Indian customer" to who subscribe to eblackdog software irrespective of they ("Indian customer" ) request for discount or not for the following reason.
    • a. This "The offer date" discount is also provided to compensate for the rea-sonable, un avoidable delay if any from both sides for full and final eblack-dog implementation . This is provided so that still if there are any of the de-lays from both sides the renewals cannot be delayed or payments cannot be withheld as there will be no delays caused intentionally from both sides.

    • b. This "The offer date" discount is also provided for Indian customer to spend for implimentation & customization as long as possible so that they can have a fully customized software perfectly suitable as per their working culture.

    • c. In this proposal the user license that is costing Rs.4,600/- per user , per month has been provided to customer at a huge discounted price as above.

  • 9. "Indian customer" may opt for more users, more modules, more branches, more stores, more work locations ,more of other services @ extra cost prevailing at the time of such request. If "Indian customer" like to add more users at the current "offer date" price, they may do so since the same price may not be provided at latter dates.

  • 10. "User License" means the "subscription charges payable by customer to use the eblackdog software" for a specific period .( and) each login and a password(s) pro-vided by Nissi Infotech P ltd to "Indian customer" to log into the eblackdog software can access any one or all of the 10 modules of the software from one computer at a time/by one person at a time. Using one user license and accessing different mod-ules ,by different users , from different computers,simultaneously at the same time is not allowed. The access to any module will be based on the access rights provided to that particular "user" by the admin of the software

  • 11. Nissi does not provide the eblackdog software to any customer without first provid-ing the full demonstration of the software explaining its features to "Indian cus-tomer". "Indian customer" agrees that they have seen the see the full demonstra-tion (free of cost one time) of the software and only after checking all the features of the eblackdog, they have ordered for the software. After placing the order and making the payment , customer agrees not to dispute anytime that they expected some feature to be there and its not there.

  • 12. Systems and procedures adopted by nissi for training the "INDIAN CUSTOMER" and their staff on eblackdog and customizing the software as per the need of "INDIAN CUSTOMER" :-
    • a. Implementation meaning :- "Eblackdog implementation" (or) "software im-plementation" means teaching the “client” how to use the eblackdog soft-ware , how to adapt and use the eblackdog software fully for day to day use for business activities and handhold the "client" and staff of client to use the software fully until they are fully able to use the eblackdog.com software .

    • b. 25 hours of free online Training per month on eblackdog for "INDIAN CUSTOMER" meaning:- Nissi will be first allocating the "nissi implementation staff "to teaching ,training and implementation of software eblackdog remotely online for “INDIAN CUSTOMER” s for 25 hours every month. In addition to this, in any case "INDIAN CUSTOMER" s request , Nissi will be sending "nissi implementation staff" to their premises, Nissi will send "Nissi implementation staff" who can speak Hindi and English to train “INDIAN CUSTOMER”. In case of "INDIAN CUSTOMER" prefers and requests “Nissi” to send this "nissi implementation staff" @ site to customer premises, then it can be done subject to the terms detailed in section 7 and 8 of this quotation

    • c. "customization" means to make changes to eblackdog software and to mod-ify, add features , modules ,reports etc., in the software as per the request of “client” if the request is technically and commercially cleared ,viable and possible subject to the terms.

    • d. "25 hrs Free customization per month means:-Nissi will be allocating one nissi staff called the "Nissi customization staff " at Nissi campus at coimba-tore-India for customizing /modifying the software as per the need of "IN-DIAN CUSTOMER" . Every "INDIAN CUSTOMER" will be allocated 25 hours of “Nissi customization staff” FREE every month. . "Nissi customization staff" will work for 25 hours every month . In case "INDIAN CUSTOMER" likes to retain this "nissi customization staff "for a long hours beyond 25 hours to get the "customization and modifications " faster , then they may request for the same. In such case Nissi will allocate one "Nissi customization staff" subject to the terms . Nissi will send the terms for this on request from customer.

    • e. The software quotation is given for the facilities that are already existing in the software only. All new features, modifications, customizations (whatever facility big or small that is not available in the software and is being requested by "INDIAN CUSTOMER" s) will be done for "INDIAN CUSTOMER" s by using the "25 hrs Free customization during the month" . All other customization beyond 25 hrs will be treated as follows:-

    • f. charged extra @ Rs.700 per hour. (if the request is for less than 25 hrs)

    • g. charged extra @ Rs.350/- per hour. "INDIAN CUSTOMER" can request extra hours of "Nissi customization staff" @ 25 hrs per month, 50 hrs and 100 hours per month @ Rs.350/- per hour also.

  • 13. Time taken for implementation:- Eblackdog is a huge software with huge modules. So Implementation may take upto minimum of 30 to 90 DAYS to complete for a 3 user and 3 branches license. However the time may vary depending on :-
    • a. the speed in which the data requested by the Nissi implementation engineer is supplied by client.

    • b. if there are more branches /sites and more users

    • c. If the “Indian customer” staff are not able to pick up the training at the speed expected. (o) not allocating time for training.

    • d. The data needed to be fed in eblackdog is not ready in the format required by Nissi

    • e. And various other issues.

    • f. The implementation can be expedited by the client by following the rules, systems, instructions provided by implementation engineer of nissi. Imple-mentation systems , rules and terms will be provided by nissi implementation engineer before starting the training. Also nissi advises “client” to get ready with data and systems that is needed for speeding up the implementation.

Section :-7 OtherTerms for Eblackdog – Nissi server License:-

  • a. Once the monthly post paid "customization staff" and "Nissi implementation staff" have completed their work of customization and implementation , customer will have the option to opt for the following pre-paid packages for small issues arising thereafter for few hours/ few days , months of work. Nissi will send the details of these packages as and when they are needed by "client"

  • b. Renewal charges :-Eblackdog monthly user License charges (MULC) have to be paid on monthly basis , on or before 5th of every month -the "due date" . This is irrespective when the training and implementation of any old or new modules have been completed finally. The huge discount offers are provided to "Indian customer" is to cover the cost during such reasonable delays(from both sides) if any only. Once the User license has been enabled, the user licenses becomes due for renewal the next 30 days.

  • c. "user license renewal increase"(ULRI)" User license charges will be increased 20% every year to support the constant cost escalations and demand for more infrastructure, technology updates and server security and support for the Eblackdog software.The yearly increase will be applicable for Eblackdog Yearly user License charges (YULC), for Eblackdog quar-terly user License charges (QULC) and Eblackdog monthly user License charges (MULC) exactly after 12 months from the date of first payment (date of order).

  • d. Hosting space for software :- To support constant need of more hosting space ,all the allocated users license will be provided 1 GB (one GB hosting space each for the first year along with software.. If the space requirement increases faster than ex-pected , Nissi will add more space to "client" every year to cope up with the de-mand by the usage of client at extra cost prevailing at the time of such request.

  • e. Refund /cancellation policy:- "Indian customer" can request for a cancellation within 7 days from the date of order .
    • i)"Indian customers" can request for a cancellation within 7 days from the date of order .

    • ii)Within 7 days from the date of order the "contract sign up link" will be sent to "Indian customers" .

    • iii)Once they accept the "User licenses" will be processed. If they "do not accept" the contract terms , the refund of payment will be done within 7 days.

    • iv)Thereafter for the first year , there will be no refund /cancellation allowed. From 2nd year onwards if the “client” any time prefers not to continue may decide not to renew their contract by informing nissi 60 days in advance before the expiry. When a new customer is inducted, Nissi creates a big infrastructure to support his software and pay for it in advance so , once its all done its not possible for us to refund so we maintain this no-refund-policy.

  • f. Database maintenance and backups :-Nissi will provide back up and maintenance. our staff will take daily back up and restore it as and when needed. In fact the back up is also taken automatically from the cloud server to another cloud server so that extra caution is taken on the back ups. The back up of customer data is provided to “Indian customer” in xl format if “Indian customer” would like to cancel their subscription with nissi and shift to some other vendor. This xl back up “Indian customer” can take and use it as they please. In case of “Indian customer” need the back up in any specific format, then the cost of conversion of the same will cost ex-tra .Just to note here about the data back up, we have never lost any data of “Indian customer” for the past 11 years not even once.

  • g.Errors and Omissions exempted Eblackdog.com is a software product that has been under constant improvement for 10 years plus. Hence Eblackdog.com is having thousands of “minute usage conve-niences”. This product has been in continuous use and continuous develop-ment by Nis-si’s own market research and also by our “Indian customer” for their specific minute needs for almost 10 long years.
  • Hence Eblackdog has :-

    • a.Improved the profitability our "Indian customer"
    • b. convenience of "Indian customer"
    • c.Improved the control of their business
    • d.Provided huge savings on wastage materials
    • e.Plugged the loop holes
    • f.And many more..

    We are sure the quotation and the terms of us are very transparent, clear to you. We are also sure that we have given you an excellent deal and excellent solution for growth and great cost saving for your company. We are sure once the software is fully implemented and used, it will give a huge saving and control over the business and huge reduction of cost of operation and improve customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to serve you as early as possible.


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    Nissi Infotech Pirvate Limited

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    Corporate Website:-www.nissiinfotech.com

    Product website :- www.eblackdog.com